[Homeroast] Problem: My family wants my roasted coffee

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1) If you don't want to start a small roasting business, then don't. For
years I had people express interest in buying coffee and I told them no,
it's a hobby I enjoy and selling coffee would make it work. OTOH if what you
work at is a labor of love and joy is it really work? Last week I roasted
~350lb of coffee, definitely not just for personal consumption!

2) If you do sell some of your roasts, absolutely charge fair retail value,
not your cost. Sure maybe a "family" discount, but not to every friend.
Friends should pay retail just like anybody else.

3) With experience Q-Drum roasting can produce good roasts.

4) Occasionally gift coffee, when you feel like it not when someone just
wants it or you may be taken advantage of on a regular basis. However,
gifting coffee may have the result of them wanting to buy it on a regular

5) Running a business can have a lot of what may be considered "negative"
aspects. Roasting quantities of coffee isn't one of them, for me anyway.

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> Longtime lurker here.
> What do you all do when your friends and family taste your roasted
> coffee and want it on a regular basis? I have a Behmor and have
> roasted in the neighborhood of 250-300 lbs in the 2.5 years I've been
> doing this. No problems. I do 4-5 lbs a week now, but I could be
> looking at a demand of 10-15 lbs / week or more if really followed up
> with people who expressed serious interest (e.g. comments like "I
> would pay you for this").
> Without a doubt, I don't want to start a business, but what's the next
> step up in capacity with out laying the unjustifiable sums for a USRC
> unit? Grill roasting with a large drum? Will I get the same quality as
> what I get from the Behmor? Tell my friends and family I can't do it?
> Charge more than cost to build funds for a larger roaster? Tell them
> no and to buy from a local professional roaster? I'm sure some of you
> have dealt with this. What worked?

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