[Homeroast] Yep, Take apart the GeneCafe screens

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Mon Sep 13 10:14:43 CDT 2010

So, I've been meaning to clean the chaff collector on my GeneCafe 
for... a while (probably not a whole year).  I've been going to boil 
it but didn't want to heat up the house.

Then Ken had his thread about his GeneCafe and the revelation that 
you *really* need to take the screens apart.

So today, as I was getting ready to roast I decided, what the heck, 
and got out the screwdriver.  I filled the sink with hot water and a 
good sized slug of Simple Green.

Turns out, Ken (and the others) were right - you *REALLY* do need to 
take the screens apart.  My chaff collector *looked* clean(ish) - you 
could see some internal gunk but nothing really objectionable and 
looking through the screens the light came through just fine.

Took the collector apart, looked at the screens - still didn't look too bad.

Took the screws out that hold the inner screen in place...


A *LOT* of crud can accumulate in there - there were parts where 
there was just a little tunnel through the crud from inner screen 
hole to outer screen hole.

Didn't seem to affect my roast, but I have to wonder how much longer 
I had before *not* cleaning the screens would have.

>Time and time again I had been told to clean my chaff collector... 
>and I did!  I swear!  I even used detergents, brushes, etc!
>Time and again they said - Take Apart the Two Screens!!!  And I did 
>NOT - because I could see just fine through all the holes in the 
>screen so clearly they were not clogged...
>Well, I was wrong... I took apart the two screens and they were 
>clogged - All to hell....  No wonder it has never worked right since 
>I got the new heater... No wonder the last one died...
>Now I just wish I hadn't just roasted 3 lbs of coffee... I have to 
>wait 2 weeks to try it out again!!!
>Sorry to one and all... I guess I'm stubborn...
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