[Homeroast] Problem: My family wants my roasted coffee

Alchemist John john at chocolatealchemy.com
Mon Sep 13 09:41:45 CDT 2010

I personally built my own 2.0-2.5 lb capacity drum roaster.

And you need to limit who you sell to.  You can't please 
everyone.  Set an amount you will roast and divide it up.  Helps from 
burning out.

At 07:07 AM 9/13/2010, you wrote:
>Longtime lurker here.
>What do you all do when your friends and family taste your roasted
>coffee and want it on a regular basis? I have a Behmor and have
>roasted in the neighborhood of 250-300 lbs in the 2.5 years I've been
>doing this. No problems. I do 4-5 lbs a week now, but I could be
>looking at a demand of 10-15 lbs / week or more if really followed up
>with people who expressed serious interest (e.g. comments like "I
>would pay you for this").
>Without a doubt, I don't want to start a business, but what's the next
>step up in capacity with out laying the unjustifiable sums for a USRC
>unit? Grill roasting with a large drum? Will I get the same quality as
>what I get from the Behmor? Tell my friends and family I can't do it?
>Charge more than cost to build funds for a larger roaster? Tell them
>no and to buy from a local professional roaster? I'm sure some of you
>have dealt with this. What worked?
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