[Homeroast] Got my HotTop roaster this week

Dhananjaya djgarcia at improbablystructuredlayers.net
Sat Sep 11 12:26:26 CDT 2010

Yes, and you can even use your iPhone to roast coffee if you get one that
catches fire :-)

I just ordered a couple of replacement parts for my ancient Hottop from
Michael which need replacement more because of my tinkering than because of
normal wear & tear.  I asked him about getting a new ROM chip for my very
old Programmable upgrade panel, since Barry Lutterman had mentioned a
feature he used that was not in my very early revision, to skip to the next
segment by pressing the right arrow during the roast.

It turns out there's no upgrade chip as such, since they're surface-mounted
and cannot be replaced, and he was not aware of any updated firmware. But
nevertheless, he's sending me a new panel free of charge (?!) which
hopefully will have the feature.

How NOT like Apple, who charges you for a bug-fixing software upgrade!

When it comes to customer service, Hottop is in a league of their own.



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I emailed Micheal at Hottop USA a while ago inquiring about the rumored 1 lb
Hottop.  His reply was that he didn't see anything in the works in the next
6 months.  These guys are worse than Apple!


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