[Homeroast] fear of coffee stockpiling as prices climb

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Why exactly do you think the Ethiopian government came up with the 
Coffee Exchange idea?

sci wrote:
> Exactly Joseph. Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity on Earth. Does
> anybody really believe that there has not been market manipulation in the
> past? Pendergast's history of coffee, Uncommon Grounds, explains how the
> coffee markets have been whip-lashed and cornered in the past, causing
> extreme price fluctuations. He even documents how vast quantities of coffee
> have been destroyed because of overproduction and greed in an effort to get
> the prices back up. The little farmers can't handle this price volatility.
> Farm Gate, and FT (I hope), are great efforts to protect the little farmer
> who makes the kind of coffee we drool over.
> Ivan
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> The "whole story" is not as complex as you might think. Just as Opec
> controls the price ( often very inflated due to stock piling )  of oil at
> your local pump the largest growers of coffee can and probably have done the
> same for years. Before commenting here read the first post in the thread and
> try and understand the futures market as referred to in the original
> article.
> Thanks miKe for some clarification regarding the impact to small businesses
> like us.
> JoeR
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