[Homeroast] Grinder for Vac Pot

John and Emma jehorchik at gmail.com
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I have a Baratza Virtuoso. I like it for my Vac Pot but wouldn't use for
espresso. You still want a good quality grinder but don't need to spend
$500+ dollars. I use my vac pot daily and usually make one or two pots. It
is my main source of brewing. When I can afford it I will buy a great
grinder and espresso machine but looking at $1000 for the grinder and $2000
for the machine. So in the meantime I believe this provided me with the best
choice for the money.

John H. 

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Since getting a vacuum pot from SM about 6 months ago, I've really come to
appreciate the coffee it makes.  I make a pot almost every day.

So... since I'm now a Vac Pot kind of guy, the obvious next question is what
would a good grinder for dedicated vac pot use?

Any thoughts?

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