[Homeroast] Grinder for Vac Pot

Ira ira at extrasensory.com
Wed Sep 8 13:02:36 CDT 2010

At 10:22 AM 9/8/2010, you wrote:
>then practically anything that can get your grind fine enough is usable even a
>whirly blade or a Mortar and Pestle.

I think if you look more carefully you'll find that the only time 
you'll ever see whirly blades talked about in a positive fashion is 
by people who've never directly compared one with a proper grinder.

A whirly blade and fresh beans are orders of magnitude better than 
Maxwell House and they're $11 if you shop carefully. I think that's 
the end of the long list if positive attributes of a whirly blade.


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