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If you are concerned about buying the right blind filter, you can also get a rubber stopper (just a thin rubber disk) that you put at the bottom of your normal basket to seal off the holes.  I had one of these when I had a Solis SL-90.  With my Euro2000, I have a dedicated blind flush PF.

As for the best coffee to roast for espresso.  That's what the sampler packs are for.  Get one and specify "espresso".  That said you can't go wrong with the SM blends either.  I've tried blending myself, but even my melange roasted blends tend to be inferior to the SM pre-blended greens (while I am sure that there are many roaster for whom this is not true, I am just saying that the SM blends are very good).  OTOH, the blending provides some versatility as many SO coffees are great drip brewed as well as a component for espresso (Central Americans, and Ethiopians would be high on my lists here).

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I been out of town for a few days but have made great progress. 

The coffee is so much better now that it has aged some.  I locked down my grind, one notch above where I get sediment in the cup. Brew times are still a little short but the look of the cremea is much better and the flavor continues to improve. 

I need to get a blind portafilter for the Gaggia Classic. I have sent sweet marias a question on where to purchase they don't have them on the website.  Anyone here got any suggestions?

I still have quite a bit of roast coffee for drip. Sumatra, Kenya, Costa Rica, Australian, Hawaiian, etc.  can I roast these for espresso?  If so,  I need suggestions on roast profiles or blending.  Honestly, I need to work through my green coffee bin before I make another coffee order. 

What coffees are best for roasting for espresso or do I order their blends?

Thanks for all the help guys.     


Hank Perkins
Huntsville Alabama
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