[Homeroast] Espresso Progress

Hank Perkins hperkins at pts-inc.com
Fri Sep 3 04:55:19 CDT 2010

I been out of town for a few days but have made great progress. 

The coffee is so much better now that it has aged some.  I locked down my grind, one notch above where I get sediment in the cup. Brew times are still a little short but the look of the cremea is much better and the flavor continues to improve. 

I need to get a blind portafilter for the Gaggia Classic. I have sent sweet marias a question on where to purchase they don't have them on the website.  Anyone here got any suggestions?

I still have quite a bit of roast coffee for drip. Sumatra, Kenya, Costa Rica, Australian, Hawaiian, etc.  can I roast these for espresso?  If so,  I need suggestions on roast profiles or blending.  Honestly, I need to work through my green coffee bin before I make another coffee order. 

What coffees are best for roasting for espresso or do I order their blends?

Thanks for all the help guys.     


Hank Perkins
Huntsville Alabama

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