[Homeroast] GeneCAfe question...

Raymond Hays raymond_hays at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 6 23:40:59 CDT 2010


My GeneCafe did the same thing and I tried stated remedies and found out that 
the heater was on the blink, so I contacted Fresh Beans and ordered a new 
heater.  Replacement was a snap!  

skales at mwutah.com


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Subject: [Homeroast] GeneCAfe question...

I've noticed that my GeneCafe has lately been struggling to get all the way up 
to 482.  It often seems to top out at 471-473.  Listening closely this time I 
noticed that the heating element seems to begin to cycle on and off at about 
465.  I would expect that it would not normally do that until 482 if that is 
what it's set at.

Is anyone familiar with this?  


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