[Homeroast] Lucky Me!!

raymanowen at gmail.com raymanowen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 14:22:10 CDT 2010

"You don't need 220 V, just 20 A (120 V) for your Vivaldi II."

True enough, but for 120v 20a, the breaker in the service panel will have to
 be replaced, heavier 12gauge Cu wire will have to be run, (maybe 21-2 w/gnd
Romex) and the 120v, 20a receptacle will have to be substituted for your
current receptacle.

If you get a duplex 20a outlet, it will be a waste because nothing else can
be running while the Viv II is brewing and steaming. Simultaneous B&S would
seem to be the reason for flipping the simultaneous steam lock-out. You
would then have to prevent simultaneous use of the 20a duplex outlet- NO
gain for the expense.

240v @ 10a would be more "sanitary" electrically, because the Neutral leg is
idle. Just 10a on L1, L2. The Viv on 240v circuit would be completely
independent of any other electrical appliance you're running. The 240v
circuit would leave the 120v duplex outlet free to use.

If you like the coffee pot on 120v @ 20a, it'll really sing on 240v @ 10a.
2400 watts either way? No, it's not. With the dedicated 20a 120v circuit,
you won't have 120v at the machine, or 20a.

Can't ignore the resistance of the Neutral line, although most people do. It
saps a lot of power from the place you want it and develops heat somewhere
else. "Where else," you ask?  Pay attention to your nose, then watch for
smoke and blue fire.

Using 100% of a circuit's capacity for a single appliance is short-sighted.

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!


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