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Terry Stockdale terry at terrystockdale.com
Sat Sep 4 18:53:01 CDT 2010

At 03:27 PM 9/4/2010, you wrote:
>I am punching out about 15 shots a day on the Gaggia.  Got it tuned
>and the coffee is good.
>My son is in Med School and came home today.  He ask the Wife and I
>how much a machine like this cost.
>I look at the wife, she looks at me and says UPGRADE!!
>So, Giotto Professional is in my future unless you guys tell me to buy
>something else.  ALSO, I will need a new grinder,  What should I get
>here, another Rocky?

Lucky You!  Congratulations, Hank.  Enjoy your good fortune.

Instead of a Rocky, I suggest a Vario - that's what I changed to when 
I apparently managed to bend the shaft of my Rocky while changing the 
burrs (never brace the bur carrier using a screwdriver - use a socket 
on the center shaft - that's why it has hex sides<argh!>.  Expensive 
lesson - and bad espresso -  until I finally gave in and got another grinder.

I was leaning towards one of those all-stainless models, when I 
upgraded from my Silvia about 18 months ago.  I showed my wife the 
Andreja Premium, something else that was again bright stainless 
(forgot what it was), and the La Spaziale Vivaldi II.  She picked the 
Vivaldi II - which I really thought was a couple hundred above the 
top of what I would consider spending and which I was showing her 
just to display how reasonable my plans were <grin>.

Oh, I gave in, for the sake of marital bliss - especially since she 
doesn't drink coffee OR espresso.  Love the separate brew & steam 
boilers.  It makes fantastic micro-foam, which in turn, makes 
fantastic hot chocolate for her!

When we redo the kitchen, I'm going to add a drain line for the 
Vivaldi II (and future espresso machines) and get that area a 220v 
outlet, so I can switch my Vivaldi II from 110/120 to 220/240 mode.

Needless to say, the water input line is plumbed-in (that's the way 
the Vivaldi II works) because I wasn't about to give up the Silvia 
auto-filling mod - it saved too much aggravation.

What would I do if I was doing it again?  Make the wife happy, of 
course.  But, based on Tom's fantastic  Giotto Professional web page, 
I think I'd argue in favor of the Giotto Professional.  It looks like 
I could enjoy that machine - the Vivaldi II is great, but almost boring.

The advantage of the Vivaldi II is that I can turn off the steam 
boiler after my morning latte, and reduce the heat load on my air 
conditioning bill.  I leave the brew boiler on, but turn off the 
steam boiler for 10 hours a day.  The GP is a heat-exchanger machine 
that uses the hot steam boiler to heat the espresso brew water, so I 
would run it 27/7 (that's 24/7 on espresso-time).

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