[Homeroast] Finally - today's cup!

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 05:20:35 CDT 2010

Ryan - but just think of it - if it wasn't for those grocery store beans
(and all the rest they serve out in the world disguised as "coffee"),
most likely none of us would be here. :D

This roast I did isn't the best. Since I haven't roasted in a few months,
it might take me a few roasts to get it right. But oh, it's so much better!
That first sip of my black homeroast almost made me sing... Now to get
the roasting *really* up to par.

Ray-O! Poetry - as usual. And this time I actually understand you!! ;-)

I returned the giant bag of decaf I bought at the Big Box store, and got
my money back, but kept the caffeinated bundle, thinking I could tolerate
it. Who would think that their coffee (same brand) would be more stale
than my local Market Basket grocery store? Which makes me wonder if
other companies sell stuff that's stale/poorer quality in their giant

Ah... it's good to be home again. :D


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