[Homeroast] Finally - today's cup!

Ryan M. Ward silvercro_magnon at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 3 19:23:05 CDT 2010

"day to dump those awful, bitter, oh-why-did-I-even-try-them grocery store beans."

Ugh... I know exactly what you are talking about... 
Ryan M. Ward

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> From: lynnebiz at gmail.com
> Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 23:09:45 -0400
> To: homeroast at lists.sweetmariascoffee.com
> Subject: [Homeroast] Finally - today's cup!
> Well, my package arrived from SM's (as scheduled). I chose the lowest priced
> option
> for shipping, which is UPS. My landlord has his business on the property, so
> I ran out
> when I saw the truck here - nope, no package. But after I went back
> upstairs, and sat
> down for supper, I saw his truck return. Yep, it was there!  Hooray for
> great UPS drivers
> and for SM beans!!
> So, due to the kindness of our UPS driver, I didn't have to wait yet another
> day to dump those awful, bitter, oh-why-did-I-even-try-them grocery store
> beans.
> It's also been in the upper 90's here, high humidity, no breeze - no a/c.
> Nope, not going to roast this whole apt by roasting these greens.
> Hmm - after a few hours, it cooled all the way down to 86 degrees, and I
> couldn't
> stand it. So I roasted not one, but two - first, *the Ethiopia FTO Shoye
> Sidamo WP
> Decaf, because I did not intend to wait until the morning to try some. Then,
> the **
> Panama Carmen 'Siete Dias de Bellota' was next.
> The Ethiopia Decaf bean is so small - this is the smallest pea bean I've
> ever roasted.
> No problem when you stovetop roast. :D. I found it getting away from me much
> faster
> than usual - I don't know if this bean roasts faster (and it is decaf, so
> that's to be expected),
> if the heat was a factor, or it's been so long I was forgetting what I
> should set my stove at
> to roast. Maybe all of those - the Panama didn't roast as fast, so I'm going
> to really watch
> it next time I roast the decaf.
> I put my window fan, which actually is a double fan, right in front of me
> while I roasted.
> Made sure the fan that was farther away from the stove blew in, with me
> standing as close
> to it as possible, arm extended with my new oven glove, stirring the beans,
> all the while trying
> not to tip the pan over. It worked - now I'm drinking my second cup of
> delicious (albeit roasted
> a tad too much) decaf Mokapot brew, poured over ice.
> Ah - it may be hot as Hades here tonight, but this, for me, is heaven!
> Lynne
> *
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