[Homeroast] Finally - today's cup!

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 22:09:45 CDT 2010

Well, my package arrived from SM's (as scheduled). I chose the lowest priced
for shipping, which is UPS. My landlord has his business on the property, so
I ran out
when I saw the truck here - nope, no package. But after I went back
upstairs, and sat
down for supper, I saw his truck return. Yep, it was there!  Hooray for
great UPS drivers
and for SM beans!!

So, due to the kindness of our UPS driver, I didn't have to wait yet another

day to dump those awful, bitter, oh-why-did-I-even-try-them grocery store

It's also been in the upper 90's here, high humidity, no breeze - no a/c.

Nope, not going to roast this whole apt by roasting these greens.

Hmm - after a few hours, it cooled all the way down to 86 degrees, and I
stand it. So I roasted not one, but two - first, *the Ethiopia FTO Shoye
Sidamo WP
Decaf, because I did not intend to wait until the morning to try some. Then,
the **
Panama Carmen 'Siete Dias de Bellota' was next.

The Ethiopia Decaf bean is so small - this is the smallest pea bean I've
ever roasted.
No problem when you stovetop roast. :D. I found it getting away from me much
than usual - I don't know if this bean roasts faster (and it is decaf, so
that's to be expected),
if the heat was a factor, or it's been so long I was forgetting what I
should set my stove at
to roast. Maybe all of those - the Panama didn't roast as fast, so I'm going
to really watch
it next time I roast the decaf.

I put my window fan, which actually is a double fan, right in front of me
while I roasted.
Made sure the fan that was farther away from the stove blew in, with me
standing as close
to it as possible, arm extended with my new oven glove, stirring the beans,
all the while trying
not to tip the pan over. It worked - now I'm drinking my second cup of
delicious (albeit roasted
a tad too much) decaf Mokapot brew, poured over ice.

Ah - it may be hot as Hades here tonight, but this, for me, is heaven!


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