[Homeroast] that Nekkid bottomless Portafilter

Bryan Wray bwray_thatcoffeeguy at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 21:36:15 CDT 2010

In regards to extraction... with very little variance here is what I want to observe when I'm watching an extraction

0-10 seconds:  The coffee can do whatever the hell it wants as far as I'm concerned in regards to little cones forming, etc.  Perfect beading is great, but it's rare in my experience and usually a sign of coffee that is a little too old, too high of a dose (too little headroom) or too fine a grind.

11-15 seconds:  I want one(!) cone to form damn near perfectly in the center.  The cone should be at it's widest about a dime (at the top, not the stream, obviously), sometimes a penny, rarely a nickel.  Shots with cones larger than this are usually super dry, salty and lack dynamics in the finish (due to being too fresh, more often than not).

From "one cone form" to end of shot: A slow and steady increase in the rate of flow until the "blonde flash" I spoke of earlier.

At no point should I see any swaying of the cone (after the one cone forms) or any sprays/jets whatever you want to call them.

If measuring by volume: I'm looking for a 25(ish) second extraction, starting with approximately 17g of coffee yielding 1.5oz.  

**All of this obviously varies by coffee, but I'd generalize this as my golden rule.**

If measuring by weight (preferred) all things above would remain true, with final yield falling between 18 grams and 24 grams, again depending on coffee.
Bryan Wray
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> On Sep 1, 2010, at 4:13 PM, Greg Hollrigel wrote:
> > As an aside for the group, when people pull singles
> versus doubles, do they
> > just put a single dose in a double basket, or do they
> use the single
> > basket.  Currently I'm using the single basket
> for the singles, but it is on
> > my spouted portafilter instead of the nekkid
> portafilter.  And ... I'm too
> > lazy to repeatedly swap them out.  I'm just
> wondering if a single dose in a
> > double basket is too much underdosing.
> I put a triple dose in the triple basket :D
> And a nekkid portafiliter makes it easy to swap baskets -
> just push on the bottom of the basket, no prying necessary.
> -
> allon
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