[Homeroast] that Nekkid bottomless Portafilter

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Wed Sep 1 21:36:03 CDT 2010

On Sep 1, 2010, at 10:26 PM, Bryan Wray wrote:

> Re: the video
> Coffee looked too fresh to me, but I also didn't taste it.  The extraction may have been a leeeetle fast, but fresh coffee is going to do that as well (make an extraction "speed up" more).  When the cone moved you should have stopped the shot.  I always train our baristas to "watch for the flash."  What I mean by that is to look out for a flash of "blonding" near the end of the shot.  That flash of blonding is indeed channeling and it's the first indication that parts of the puck have given all they can give to the shot.  I tell my baristas to stop the shot at this point.  If you are looking at the bottom you can visibly see the tiger striping break apart, if you are staring at it from above you'll notice the cone jump off center.  For me, in my experience, that's the stop point.  Again, it comes down to your 'buds.  I didn't drink that shot, and I can visibly drink shots all day but that doesn't mean I know exactly what to do to make it better.  You
> said it tasted pretty good, so... yeah! lol

This is exactly what I needed. I guess I was too focused on that 30 second thing....okay, I'll look for the flash.
Extraction a little fast?! That was a triple basket, maybe 18-20g (guessing!), into 1.5oz in 30s.
The coffee is about a week or so old; lessee, I roasted it on...damn. It's written down on the bag. I think it's around a week old; I just got the machine and I haven't properly gauged how much I need to roast to keep up with my demand... 
Yes, it tasted pretty good, but it's all about improvement. I want to make the next shot better :D

Again, thanks!

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