[Homeroast] OT: Urgent Need for Prayer - Parental Kidnapping

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I will lift Dylan up and all involved in this heartwrenching drama. It is
truly sad how justice is so hard to get and how it costs so much to get
legal help. People who try to do the right thing seem to always get into
May God protect and provide,



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Once again I'm writing to my homeroast family, with the desperate hope that
someone might be able to help. At this point we need a lawyer who knows
Maine and Massachusetts family law, or even just Maine law right now. At the
very least (actually, its the top of the list), I'm asking everyone who
prays, to pray, to ask their churches to pray to bring little Dylan back

My son?s girlfriend has a little boy, Dylan - I consider him to be my
grandson (I?m his ?Bubbie? - you might remember me posting about him a long
time ago). We?re in MA, she?s never been married, so in this state she has
automatic custody (and the child is a resident) after living here at least
six months. She moved back to MA when Dylan was three wks old.

Father is in Maine, with a history of drug use, but he (supposedly) cleaned
up his act. They?ve had an informal agreement that Dylan visits up to a wk a
month (sometimes only a wkend).

Well, after his one wk visit, father decided to keep him (lying, of course).
Got the court up there involved, filing for custody (lying, saying he lives
w/him, but he never has!). After trying desperately to get legal help (she &
the rest of us - her extended support system - are all struggling in this
economy), we all went up to Maine on Friday. It?s actually out of their
jurisdiction, and although she was told to file a Motion to Dismiss (and
did), although they said she has every right to bring her child home, the
father would not even let her see Dylan. (Police refused to help w/out an
official court document telling them to do so - saying it?s a family

I saw the father - and believe me, he is on drugs. He looked AWFUL (but how
do we prove it?!)

It?s now a whole month that the poor little guy has been away from his home,
from his mom.

We?re all sick with worry, no one has gotten much sleep. We used our last
dollars to go up there, and don?t know where to turn. All legal help that
knows BOTH MA and ME law require thousands of dollars - in the meantime, a
child?s life is at stake, and I fear that this low-life is going to cook up
some scheme that we might be unaware of.

As an aside, my son - I was so proud of him through all of this - kept his
cool, dressed casual-professional. He is a criminal justice major, will have
his Associates after this semester, and said that one of his instructors
told him to treat everyone as though you are in front of a judge at the
moment. The biological father, on the other hand, looked like a rap singer,
with his baggy, low riding pants, dangling jewelry, etc., (he actually
thinks he?s going to become a famous rap singer, apparently). I don't want
anyone to think that I judge people on appearance, but this kid was really
acting like he thought he was a b#d- at ss, and I was concerned that he'd
actually pull a knife.

Honestly, this has been one hell of a year. A dear friend died, my
ex-boyfriend (whom I was still very close to, as a friend - I really miss
talking to him) - he died, my ex-husband, father of my four kids, died a
painful death, and then my dear, sweet old guy, my dog, Shiloh, finally
couldn't hold on any longer, and I had to put him down. My biological
grandson?s mother took my grandson, Kiernan to Colorado in March (supposedly
we'll see him at Christmas, but I am afraid to get my hopes up).

Now* this* is way too much. It is a parent's nightmare.

Please, please, please pray. I?ve researched and called just about everyone
I can think of. Hoping we have him back at his home soon. You can?t imagine
the sad crying in the car on the way home on Friday.

Thanks to all -


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