[Homeroast] Hammacher Schlemmer

John M. Howison johnmhowison at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 09:42:39 CDT 2010

We coffee geeks have got a problem.  I cling to the faith that the
likes of Tom and Mike and the "poster" boys and girls reading this
post have the finest noses -- the finest, best-trained  tasting organs
--  available.  I recall no argument on this list that our Fahrenheit
195/205 brewing temperature range is debatable.

Whoa.  Along comes a brewer-merchant with a reputation for responsible
testing  procedures offering a "the best single serving coffee maker"
that allows a brewing range topping at 192 degrees and bottoming at
187 ! !!

Does HS's mass market consist of coffee drinkers whose tasting organs
have been perverted by habit -- leaving to us thoughtful geeks the
awareness that hotter is better?  Or perhaps HS's coffee-maker
Maintains repeat Maintains 187/192 throughout a three-or-four-minute
brewing cycle while my French Press or Clever filter only Start repeat
Start at 195/295.  Perhaps . . .

What's the real deal?

Contra muros, mater rubicolla

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