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I use a digital thermometer to measure the effect of opening the door.  Starting with 1C (after the second audible crack and before a rolling 1C), I tend to open the door just a enough so that environmental temp climbs very slowley (sorry, I'm not sophisticated enough to say what the rate of rise is).  This used to mean that I opened it about 1/2 to 1 inch for about 2-3 seconds of every 10-15.  Lately, I just keep it opened a very small amount the whole time.

My thermocouple is attached to drum hanging shelf on the left side of the behmor interior with a loose overhand knot.  I find that this location doesn't result in wild temp changes with the door cracking open.


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Greetings, great group,
Apparently some Behmor Roaster users use Door-opening to slow their roasts, in lieu of a better control option.  I think I have successfully prolonged the interval between First Crack and Second Crack this way, with some encouraging results.  One worry is Baking the roast (letting the Environment Temperature Fall off too far, while attempting to just slow the progress but not stall it).
What's the best way to use door-opening as a "speed control" with a Behmor?  If you open the door, how far open and for how long do you do this?  What's your cue to begin the door-opening process?  When using this approach, how do you decide on EOR? Any other hints are also very welcome.
Happy Roasting,
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