[Homeroast] A difference of degree....

Tom Ulmer tom at transtate.us
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The generic application of heat you say... 

I would add smell to the list of other means as well. Still, if the
relationship of these indicators to cracks is unknown they are meaningless.
Data logging a device with kitchen toaster control seems a great bit over
the top in my estimation; however necessity is the mother of invention.

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With heat.
Seriously, cracks do not roast the beans.
Hearing the cracks is a good guide for the roasting process, especially when
you're roasting with full manual control, but you can also know a lot about
the stages of roasting by other means, such as smoke, appearance of the
beans, and watching the temperature/heat input to know when you're hitting
the sivitz bumps.

The iRoast just makes too much noise to hear the cracks, a common complaint.
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