[Homeroast] Bricoletta parts

Mike Koenig koenig.mike at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 10:36:14 CDT 2010

A question for the group on espresso machine parts - This question is
probably better suited for the forums or home-barista, but I figured I'd ask
here first...

I've got worn cam followers in the E61 (lever) group on my Bricoletta
Volante.  Does anyone happen to know if this is a "Standard" E61 group head,
and could I buy parts designed for a Faema E61?  I'm having a bit of a
struggle finding Fiorenzato specific parts for this machine.  (apparently,
too frequent detergent backflushing, without lubricating the cam can cause
these to wear out quicker...  just a word of warning for anyone else with
E61 lever groups...)

Since I'm on the topic, does anyone also know where to get the seals for the
hot water and steam valves?

Thanks in advance,


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