[Homeroast] A difference of degree....

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Tue Oct 26 09:26:08 CDT 2010

On Oct 25, 2010, at 9:04 PM, Bryan Wray wrote:

> Honestly I'd be curious to know what other differences there were.
> While 2 degrees is a difference, it shouldn't be THAT noticeable in the cup, not if those degrees refer to roasting.
> Differences in rest, dosing, brewing temperature, extraction yield... I would honestly attribute those to the different flavors before I would the 2 degrees of separation between the two roasts.
> Did they run the same profile?  Meaning did you have first crack and end of roast at the same times for the two roasts?

Well, I used the PID iRoast - I ran the same program, adjusting only the end temperature, meaning that the ramp would have been slightly slower, but the total time was the same. I cannot hear the cracks on this machine.

Both samples were rested, dosed, and brewed exactly the same, 3 days of rest, two AP scoops, ground in the same grinder on the same setting and brewed in the same automatic drip pot.

Profile A:
300f 5min
405f 11min
432f 14:15

Profile B:
300f 5min
405f 11min
430f 14:15

There may be more subtle differences creeping in elsewhere, but I can't think what else. Maybe the thermocouple placement was not optimal, leading to more variation than is otherwise evident. Got me.


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