[Homeroast] A difference of degree....

Bryan Wray bwray_thatcoffeeguy at yahoo.com
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Honestly I'd be curious to know what other differences there were.

While 2 degrees is a difference, it shouldn't be THAT noticeable in the cup, not if those degrees refer to roasting.

Differences in rest, dosing, brewing temperature, extraction yield... I would honestly attribute those to the different flavors before I would the 2 degrees of separation between the two roasts.

Did they run the same profile?  Meaning did you have first crack and end of roast at the same times for the two roasts?



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or degrees....

I was wondering if maybe I wasn't quite hitting the mark on miKe's Jimma profile, since I wasn't sure if my roaster (modified iRoast) was cooling fast enough, and maybe I was skidding past the mark and getting a bit darker than desired.

As an experiment, I tried setting the EOR temperature to 430 (instead of 432), keeping the time the same.

What a difference these two degrees make. After a couple of days of rest, I don't get the same fruitedness. It's a good coffee, balanced, good body, but just doesn't have the Jimma zing.

Maybe I'll try a batch at 434 just to try the other end. I'd hate to waste this fantastic coffee, though, but learning is good :D
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