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Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 16:50:52 CDT 2010


I have not noticed a build up of the lint or dust that is described in the
critical update on the Behmor Site (
but I do remove the right side panel about every three months and clean the
dust and chaff out.  I have an attachment on my shop vac that tapers to a
long, narrow tube that I will feed down along the openings to the other side
and I try and vacuum and blow out with a can of dusting air any chaff that
gets stuck behind the control board.  The control board is right behind the
right side panel on my Behmor, can't miss it.

I also take some simple green and clean the build up of oils on the exhaust
vent.  I once took off the whole back to get to the long cylindrical
squirrel cage fan to clean that out but didn't see much in there so I
haven't been back to that part of the roaster since.

I have read enough emails about different roasters, though, to know that
chaff likes to get into knocks and crannies so I think it is worth the
effort to pull the panel off on the right side.

My dad gave me a monster shop-vac (Greenlee stainless steel job) that sits
next to me in front of my bench ready to clean up all the flying chaff and
cool the beans when I dump them out of the drum.  It comes in handy.


On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 12:22 PM, Claus Thøgersen <thoeg at get2net.dk> wrote:

> Hi,
> It seems as if I can only reply to topics on the list, not start my own
> topics, so I will change this one somewhat.
> The suggested cleaning of the Behmor, the one where you take off the right
> side, and clean the fan and the boards, does it really help?
> I tried it a few months ago after about 8 months of roasting, but I could
> not find any chaff inside.
> Do you have to do something to get into the boards. I could only find a lot
> of isolation and the fan, but not really any boards in there.
> One reason can be that I am blind, and maybe I have not inspected the
> inside closely enough?
> Claus
> -

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