[Homeroast] A difference of degree....

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Mon Oct 25 14:13:48 CDT 2010

or degrees....

I was wondering if maybe I wasn't quite hitting the mark on miKe's Jimma profile, since I wasn't sure if my roaster (modified iRoast) was cooling fast enough, and maybe I was skidding past the mark and getting a bit darker than desired.

As an experiment, I tried setting the EOR temperature to 430 (instead of 432), keeping the time the same.

What a difference these two degrees make. After a couple of days of rest, I don't get the same fruitedness. It's a good coffee, balanced, good body, but just doesn't have the Jimma zing.

Maybe I'll try a batch at 434 just to try the other end. I'd hate to waste this fantastic coffee, though, but learning is good :D

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