[Homeroast] Quest M3 tryer usage tips

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Mon Oct 25 12:47:30 CDT 2010

What do you consider a reasonable time for a half lb roast? All my Hottop 
(B) roasts are 227g & I can hit 1C in the 9-10 minute range & finish a brew 
roast in 12-13 minutes. Adding a Variac to give me 120v(or more) throughout 
the roast (if desired) cut my times to 1C by close to 2 minutes over the 
stock set up.

 If the M3 was a 1lbr for that price I'd own one but I can't see spending 
that much for another electric .5lb roaster when I already have the HT. What 
I'd really like is a gas 1lbr which makes the Mini 500 tempting but more $$ 
then I want to invest in home roasting at this point.

John B.

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From: "Steve Sakoman"
 I really like the M3 so far.  Having complete control of heat and air
> is a "good thing".  I also like that there is plenty of heat available
> for half pound roasts, unlike the Hottop which seems to struggle to
> finish in a reasonable time.

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