[Homeroast] Rethink roasting, espresso brewing...

raymanowen at gmail.com raymanowen at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 15:12:38 CDT 2010

Why, oh Why do I do this? CHANGE JUST ONE PARAMETER AT A TIME, Ray!

With the last (650g) of the Ethiopia Organic Shakiso Sidamo "Madura" roasted
22 Oct to FC+ (few snaps into 2nd Crack, and Grand Slam Stop) still had some
identical (!) roast from 8 Oct for an A-B shot comparison of the juvenile
roast with the 14-day roast.

I make notes- what change to try on the next shot- in one of a dozen or so
steno pads, pocket disorganizers, daily Minders, notebooks and printer
sheets. Then, Huh! Space out the changes on the next roasting/ brewing

Not gonna' happen this time. It's bad when you've had TBI and decide to do
something you keep forgetting- all at once. Now roasting the last of a
wonderful Ethiopian, time to unforget all the things I was going to change.

     0.  Better flavor every day, up to 14 days so far. Now back to juvenile

   1. Grind has been giving outstanding flavors at finer 19, 18, 17.5
   2. Hot water out the wand of the Crapesso must be same as brew
   temperature, 186° F, not the desired 203° F- above boiling point at this
   elevation. Only plan is to heat reservoir to 100° F and switch to Steam
   before and during the brew. Gave a 30 sec Not So Expresso brew. But it's My
   laughin' tree.

Now that I've done it all at once with this new (final) roast, How'd All
This Flavor Come In? It's Phenomenal! Now all I can do is Rest, Grind and

My FC+ won't be the same as your FC+ any more than we could duplicate each
other by dialing in the same profile temperatures.

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

Espresso Nirvana is just around the corner-

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