[Homeroast] new subject cleaning the behmor

Claus Thøgersen thoeg at get2net.dk
Sun Oct 24 14:22:00 CDT 2010


It seems as if I can only reply to topics on the list, not start my own 
topics, so I will change this one somewhat.

The suggested cleaning of the Behmor, the one where you take off the right 
side, and clean the fan and the boards, does it really help?
I tried it a few months ago after about 8 months of roasting, but I could 
not find any chaff inside.
Do you have to do something to get into the boards. I could only find a lot 
of isolation and the fan, but not really any boards in there.
 One reason can be that I am blind, and maybe I have not inspected the 
inside closely enough?


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> Hank,
> I used A 1# P1 B profile for 10 oz of Colombia Peaberry, cleaned out the
> Behmor (and took of the right side panel to clean the chaff and lint from
> the boards and fan) then roasted 10 oz of Amaro Gayo on a 1# P1 A.  I 
> opened
> the door during first crack to control the temps.
> I decided to go with P1 instead of P3 to maximize the fruits, berries, and
> acids.
> I may try a P3 with 10 oz of Guatemala or Costa Rica later this afternoon.
> -Chris
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