[Homeroast] Jimma, first taste

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Fri Oct 22 22:41:33 CDT 2010

I'm thinking stash reduction ought not to be too painful, provide said stash 
isn't overwhelming.  It should be enjoyable, methinks.  I think I'll label 
my effort a preemptive stash reduction.  Having read that some Java may be 
arriving in a few months, I want to be ready for it.


> I'm just slowly coming out of a long, painful stash reduction program. 
> It's
> not a place that you want to be, but it's hard not to buy these coffees 
> that
> are just so good.  It's Tom's descriptions that tempt me.
> I just recently picked up 5 # of the Jimma and 5 # of the Colombia 
> Peaberry
> Los Caracoles del Sur and I'm thinking of roasting up some of the latter
> tonight and already making plans for how I'm going to change the next 
> roast
> for the Jimma.
> -Chris

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