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Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Fri Oct 22 13:36:36 CDT 2010

On Oct 22, 2010, at 2:20 PM, Yakster wrote:

> I was regularly roasting decaf for family and found Mike's advice to be
> true.  One way to achieve a gentler roast profile for me was to roast a full
> pound in the Behmor when I was normally roasting 10 - 13 oz of regular
> greens.  The decaf that I tried from these batches tasted pretty good, but
> I'm not a regular decaf drinker.

IIRC, Sheila, you're using a FreshRoast as well as a Behmor.

I'm unfamiliar with the FR, but if it's anything like other hot air roasters, the chaff collector will fill up with chaff and restrict airflow a bit; this is built into the design; however, when roasting decaf, which has no chaff to speak of, no such restriction occurs, and you may have trouble reaching a target temperature. One trick is to roast a regular coffee first, and leave the chaff in the collector before roasting the decaf.

Good luck, and let us know what you find.

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