[Homeroast] Subject: Re: Sour smelling & tasting beans...

Sheila McKinnon ihs at shaw.ca
Fri Oct 22 11:28:59 CDT 2010

Hello again.. ;   many thanks to John for his suggestions.  I will try this approach later today.   The other suggestions have been of great help.   Beans are no longer SMELLING sour while roasting... or tasting  'ugh' while drinking.... so much to learn ;)

With respect to the comment (plug - ;) ) of ordering beans from Sweet Marias...   I would love to, but as i am in the cold , frozen north, otherwise known as Canada, I understand that shipping green beans across the border adds duty and taxes (read $$$).  If someone on the list has different knowledge, please advise, as Sweet Marias beans sound divine...  I am much more limited up here from the 2 green bean suppliers in the Toronto region.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Oh yes...1 more thing...what are some of your experiences with DECAF greens...   I never seem to be able to get the roast 'just right'...either 'over roasted' (i.e. charcoal) or underroasted..  any thoughts??

Thanks again to all...have a great weekend!!

Cheers, Sheila.

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