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Wow Tom,

Thanks for the very insightful reply to this thread. As I am still a
relative newbie to homeroasting (under 4 years) I am still learning so much.
I must say the first couple of purchases from SM's was based strictly on
highest cupping scores. I then purchased based on region to find what my
wife and I like best. I also focused on recommendations from this list when

I learn so much from everyone here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

John H. 

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Nomatter how much people would like to pretend they are universal, 
cupping scores have to be relative to the origin too, which adds some 
further complications. An Ethiopia Natural at 95 points means to me 
that, among really nice, super sweet and fruited Ethiopia naturals, 
this one is a star, and on a cupping table it would outshine those 
other naturals. That factor adds 2-3 points at the top end of the 
scoring ladder. If you don't like Eth Naturals and prefer Eth. 
washed, thats another subject.
But of course there are universal basics to cupping, to some degree. 
I mean, the day an India arabica makes 90 points, let alone 88, will 
be big news here. Kenyas can make 90 quite regularly. Is Kenya coffee 
generally better than India? 99.9% of coffee buyers would say yes. 
But if you treasure mild and balanced coffees, and you distinctly 
don't like brightness in coffee, your 84 point India might be 
preferable to a 92 point Kenya. I think we are lucky with our 
customers who know this is an "exploration of taste" ... their taste. 
I don't think people would go to a wine shop and demand that what 
they buy pleases them. They try to make an educated guess based on 
the information from the staff and labels and previous experience. 
But ultimately, nobody can know what people will like, and when you 
have someone with really specific taste, like the rare person who 
feels that Indias are far better than Kenyas, they need to know that 
about their taste preferences, and they can only find out by trying 
things out ... Anyway, I just take cupping scores as a small portion 
of the information about a coffee, so in reality when we talk about a 
"90 point coffee" we are saying extremely little. Somehow though, it 
sounds more meaningful than it really is.  -Tom

>I think that there's a whole topic on cupping score versus personal
>preference here that could be explored.  I believe that cupping scores are
>supposed to be uncoupled from personal preference to some extent, but in
>general a higher cupping score would probably normally correlate to liking
>it more.
>I'm not making much sense right now to myself, so I'm going to stop here.
>On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 1:30 PM, Robert Bedwell <rlb at triad.rr.com> wrote:
>>  I have gone through quite a bit of Jimma and still have another 5 pounds
>>  left and for me the rating of 95 is overstated.  The Sidamo Shakisso
>>  was rated at 91 and it was extraordinary.  Amaro Gayo is another one
that I
>>  find to be excellent as well.  The Jimma would be in third place for me.
>>  course it's all subjective and we are lucky to have marvelous
>>  available.
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