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Thanks for your reply, Chris,
Until recently, I had been staying with P2 (half-pound setting) for my 1/5 to 1/4 pound roasts.  It was also true that I hardly ever noticed any particular roast odor in my kitchen (which has a pretty strong rangehood, under which I place the Behmor to roast).
Roasts seemed too fast, and in an attempt to slow them down I started using the slower profiles (P4 and P5 (one-pound setting).  I also began a partial door-opening routine at first first crack. I began to have 12 to 13 minute roasts (hooray) and noticed depths of flavors and aromas never before achieved.  I thought:  at last, I've begun to get somewhere!  UNFORTUNATELY, at about the same time the Behmor afterburner quit working, so what we have here is an utterly confounded experiment: Profile, afterburner function and percent time door open after first crack.  Yet another glitch:  I mounted a thermocouple, but it was bad, so that info was not available.
Now I will replace the afterburner, replace the bad thermocouple, and start all over again.
What an interesting ride!
Happy Roasting,
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> Robert Yoder said:
> I noted your comment"One other thing you may want to check is to make sure
> > that your afterburner is working". What's your take on the the effect on a
> > roast?
> >
> It's interesting, the afterburner kicks on at the same time as the fans to
> help with smoke suppression. The afterburner itself generates heat at the
> top of the Behmor and I've always noticed that when it kicks on, the temp in
> the Behmor will spike and then level off. This occurs after the ramp up to
> temp during the drying phase and I think the temperature initially increases
> because of the increased airflow but then it results in cooler operation.
> I've heard of some people who've removed the afterburner when they roast in
> an area where smoke isn't a concern, but I'm not quite sure what this does.
> It probably results in more of the current flowing to the heating elements
> near the beans and less smoke burning heat at the top of the oven which may
> be good for roast profiles. I was actually running the Behmor without the
> Afterburner for a while because it had broken and I didn't know it and back
> then I think that I remember after I fixed it that it cut down the time to
> first crack so it's something I'd check. Others may have a more informed
> opinion on this.
> Hank Perkins Said:
> My specific issues are an inability to achieve a good dark roast. I have
> > never gotten a good oily beans out of my Behmor. I also have suffered from
> > my roasts being uneven. We are not talking about a few unroasted beans here.
> > IMHO one of the big problems I have with the Behmor now is drum speed. My
> > experience the only profiles that are useable are p1 and p3..
> >
> Ah, I tend to stay away from dark, oily beans so this is venturing outside
> my experience, but I do know that it can take a few days for the oils to
> come out after roasting, depending on the roast method. If your going for
> dark and oily, P1 or P3 is a good bet. I think lowering your batch size
> will also help with getting the beans to roast this dark as well as the
> unevenness your experiencing. I found that when I lowered the batch size to
> 10 - 12 oz and charted my P1 roasts on BehmorThing the first time through to
> find out when first crack would occur, I could target the temp drop on P2
> pretty well to occur at or at about 30 seconds prior to first crack to
> extend the roast development between first and second for a good roast.
> Sometimes it took a bit of pre-roast time where I'd start the Behmor for up
> to two minutes with the beans in there and then restart with my P2 profile
> so that the 2nd leg temp drop would occur close to first crack. Lately,
> though, I've been just using P1, P3 and P4 and opening the door to control
> the temps when first crack hits.
> Good luck and happy roasting!
> -Chris
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