[Homeroast] Jimma, first taste

Andy Thomas adt0611 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 14:29:39 CDT 2010

I have 5lb of Ethiopia Jimma, but havent had time to give it the attention it 
deserves, so I haven't roasted yet. So, while on an errand in Vancouver this 
morning, I stopped by Compass Coffee Roasters. MiKe, the Head Bean, had left the 
building but Ben pulled a splendid shot of Jimma for me. Now I'm Really looking 
forward to the weekend when I will be able to focus on nailing the roast -- at 
least nailing it as well as I can with a semi-modified Poppery.
Instead of roasting 4 different coffees as I usually do, I plan to roast 4 (or 
more) batches of Jimma just to explore some of the possibilities. I also bought 
a bag of Compass-roasted Jimma, which I expect will become my benchmark. Well 
done, MiKe and crew.

Andy (and the tuna wrap is pretty tasty,too)


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