[Homeroast] Behmor frustrations

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Tue Oct 19 13:51:48 CDT 2010

I would sure hope that a $8,000+ commercial/prosumer coffee roaster 
would blow the doors off of a $300.00 consumer appliance.  I suspect 
that here are many places where the existing zoning ordnances would even 
prohibit the installation of such a prosumer roaster, or make it a very 
expensive job.

That being said I do not understand everyones problem with sufficient 
roasting with the behmor.  I can set 1.25lb of beans on fire with P-1. 
There is a heat capacity test on the Behmor site, might be a real good 
place to start.

On 10/19/2010 01:18 PM, Ira wrote:
> At 08:57 AM 10/19/2010, you wrote:
>> I will also clean and try to find the metal bend mod.
> IMHO, the fact that there is such a mod and it significantly change the
> way the roaster works would tend to indicate to me that how your Behmor
> works might have little bearing on how mine works and your trying to use
> my experience to learn from might end up not being so useful.
> Of course I could be completely wrong.
> On my Behmor bending that piece of metal took it from occasionally not
> being able to reach first crack with 1 pound of beans to being able to
> consistently being able to reach second with 1 pound.
> And my occasional acquisition of well roasted coffee makes me realize
> that either I've a long way to go or the Behmor in it's default
> configuration is not capable of the quality of roast that someone who
> knows what they're doing can do with a serious roaster.
> Ira
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