[Homeroast] Paper towel filters

Andy Thomas adt0611 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 19 00:28:56 CDT 2010

I've done the paper towel filter work-around too, long ago. I hope never to be 
that desperate for caffeine again! In those days, the coffee came from a can 
when I made it at home, but likely as not I was drinking a coffee-like substance 
out of a vending machine. (Damn, I was having a good day until I remembered 

I have both Bonmac (didn't even know they were hemp) and white Chemex filters 
for Chemex brewing. Both make excellent coffee without paper taste. My 
experience with Melitta bamboo filters is different from that of others', 
however -- I get a strong paper taste if I don't rinse them. So, I rinse them 
and then they are fine.

About brown filters, I suspect some people will use brown anything, thinking it 
is healthier or whatever. Like bread. Think, nine grain coffee filters.

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I'm not sure the Chemex filters are bleached or not, but I get no odor
whatsoever from them. I too, look forward to the hemp and bamboo filters.

In my youth, after a long night of rehearsing, then more time spent doing
what theatre folk do after rehearsals until about 2 AM, my buddy and I were
at the theatre first thing the next morning in desperate need of coffee. Ted
st to brewing a pot, but there were no filters to be found. We were students
and broke, so we couldn't run to the Hilltop Party Store to buy any, so we
improvised. Yep - with a brown paper towel. Now, that was extra nasty


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> Martin,
> Like you, I'm anxious to hear from this list what the new comers here are
> like. white Filtropas , Bonmac hemps and Melitta bamboo.
> Joe
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