[Homeroast] Behmor frustrations

Hank Perkins hankperkins at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 21:15:04 CDT 2010

OK, using drip the Behmor got the job done.  Since we got our new espresso setup (Rocket Giotto and Mazzer Mini Electronic) I have become less and less satisfied with my roasts. We rest the coffees a minimum of 5 days, we have the machine grinder set up right, Etc.  The beans have been taken care of but the are a little old 12-15 months. Today I received a new, smaller order of beans.  I have about 5 pounds or dreg beans remaining. Some of which I want to use to refine my roasting. I suspect I need a better roasting location. I suspect that the plug is under powered. I have already talked to my electrician about this one.  I had considered ordering a commercial roaster but that is just cost prohibitive at this point.  

My roasting needs help. How do I learn to improve my roasting?  Are there any good mods I need to investigate?  Is there a way to manually control the heat, rotation speed and fans?


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