[Homeroast] Paper towel filters

John A C Despres johndespres at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 16:56:12 CDT 2010

To everyone who likes the brown Chemex filters, I apologize in advance.

I hate 'em! A couple months ago, I bought two boxes of the brown ones after
using the white ones for a couple years. Dunno why I bought the brown ones,
maybe figured they are better, I guess.

I'd been using the vac pot, then rotated back to Chemex. I didn't make the
correlation, but I seemed to be suddenly very dissatisfied with my coffee. I
tweaked roats, tried different this and that as well as anything else I
could think of. It still tasted bad, no matter what I did.

This morning after rinsing the filter, as I always do, I caught a whiff of
it. Brown paper towel. You know, the kind you dry your hands with in some
facilities? Then your hands smell like brown paper towel. Well, that's the
scent that comes from the wet Chemex brown filters.

This afternoon, I bought a pack of the white Chemex filters an tested them
both dry then wet. Neither has any scent while dry, but once wetted, the
white remains scent free, but the brown, well, maybe I'll give them to a gas
station for hand drying...

I'm so looking forward to tasting a cup each of the El Salvador Manzno
Process experiment after dinner!


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