[Homeroast] Sour smelling & tasting beans...

Sheila McKinnon ihs at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 17 11:56:48 CDT 2010

Many thanks to Allon, Lynne, Silas, Brian, and Tom, for your suggestions.

I sloooooowed the roast times down and it is working much better.  I had the SR300 with no temp control or fan speed.  The SR500 has both fan and heat settings.   I went to MED heat and mid-point fan speed.   Working much better.  I take it that oily beans mean 'over-raosted'???  The green bean supplier where I purchase my beans and this roaster stressed the need to take the roast into 2nd crack and get a sheen (oily coating) to the beans - no rest time - just cool for a few minutes , grind, and enjoy.    They do not have a very good opinion of the Behmor either.  

Thanks again to all...  a fun journey, isn't it!!  ;)

Cheers, Sheila.

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