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Lowering your target EOR may help and if you haven't already upgraded your
Behmor with a faster drum motor that will help too. But (unfortunately) it's
folly to expect a roaster like the Behmor to be able to match the roast
quality  of a commercial drum roaster. Possibly come close with extensive
modifications including increased drum speed, variable user controllable
heat, variable user controllable air flow, bean mass and environmental temp
monitoring so you know what you're trying to control and faster cooling but
no way with a stock Behmor. Homeroasters with many years experience with
many homeroasting methods of about every sort who have upgraded to a true
small commercial roaster like USRC 0.5k will attest increased roast quality
versus any common home roast method or appliance. HotTop comes closest but
even it can't quite match my USRC roasts. Can't speak about the new Quest M3
roast quality but even it needs some modifications like adding bean mass
monitoring. Some reports over the past year from early adopters like Another
Jim (Schulman) indicate it's roasts just may be up to par.

Not trying to put a damper or dis any home roasting appliance, they is what
they is and can do what they can do. And most assuredly they can be capable
of producing roasts better and of course fresher than most of the crap out
there. Just not realistic to expect them to be capable of matching the best
out there. (Not saying my roasts are in the best category, but I try and
have been told by others they are...)

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> Just brewed up some of MiKe's roast from Compass.  BTW, thanks for the
> speedy delivery!  Ordered on Tuesday, Roasted and shipped on 
> Wednesday,
> arrived at my door in Michigan on Saturday, Awesome!
> Upon visual comparison and munch of the beans it appears I 
> did, in fact, go
> a little darker roast than MiKe intended.  I attribute this 
> to the Behmor
> "coast".  I think I will try stopping the roast 10 to 15 
> seconds earlier on
> the next batch, 3:00 or 3:05 minutes after start of 1st 
> rather than 3:15.
> In the cup, well, MiKe, you are a professional and it shows.  
> There is a
> distinct roundness and smoothness to the flavor profile at 3 days out
> that was lacking in my roast along with a clarity to the cup 
> flavors.  Wile
> the Behmor roast produced similar flavor characteristics, 
> they seemed muddy
> and jumbled in comparison.
> Could this be a result of the roast going just a wee bit to far?
> The big difference really seems to be the sweetness @ 3 days out.  The
> Behmor roast paled in level of sweetness until today, day 7.
> Any suggestions on what part of the roast profile to alter to 
> adjust this
> flavor component?  Will a lower finish temp take care of it?
> Thanks to All
> Rick

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