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ricky carter rickylc99 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 10:01:21 CDT 2010

On Day 7 (as Bryan had recommended)  the Jimma finally came to life!  Sweet
smooth cup with a balanced acidity, fruited notes both in the cup and
especially in the aromatics!  Simply stunning.

I have sampled imedeaitely out of the roaster, on day 3, day 5 and today.
This is the first day that after the first sip I have thought "brew another
batch, I want to drink this ALL DAY!"

The sweetness of the cup and the fruited tones have increased dramatically
from Day 5.  On prior tastings I had felt that I had taken the roast too
dark, on day 3 my wife said it tasted like a "good French Roast" if there is
such a thing.

I have yet to get her comments on today's sample, but it bares no
resemblance to a French roast at all.  I'm truly amazed the flavor profile
can change so dramatically on a couple more days rest.  And I left my
BeeHouse at work!, so sad!

All brew have been French Press, This is roasted in the Behmor attempting to
match the roast parameters MiKe provided.
226 grams, true first crack @ 12:00, EOR @ 15:15, opening the door liberally
to control the roast after 1st starts.

I had honestly thought I was just going to give up on Dry Process beans in
the Behmor, my successes were so few and so unreproducable. This gives me
new hope that there is a chance to get them close to right.

Well, the roasted Jimma Beans I ordered from Compass will arrive in the next
hour, so I can measure how close I am to getting it right.

Thanks again to all who have contributed so much to this thread!

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> Well, your dedication certainly enhances our understanding of roasting and
> appreciation of coffee, and is much appreciated!
> DJ
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