[Homeroast] Are there coffees that make good espresso with littlerest?

Tom Ulmer tom at transtate.us
Fri Oct 15 12:32:45 CDT 2010

As a general habit I try to keep a well-prepared Brasillian natural in the
cupboard at all times. In a short rest scenario I've found it will usually
yield a good short pull. 

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I admit it; I am am a poor planner.  I often find myself in a situation
where I have about 1-2 days worth of espresso beans left.  Waiting a week
before having another latte is not an option.  I would like to be able to
roast something that will still be great with 1-2 days of rest while I let
my main espresso beans rest longer.
Up to now, I've just been roasting a little more of whatever it is that
we're having, but in every case that I recall, the coffee is significantly
better after about a week.
Any suggestions on something that still works well with not much rest?  If
it matters, we drink only latteccinos (my milk texturing is not advanced
enough to call the drink one or the other)

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