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Thu Oct 14 20:36:46 CDT 2010


Not sure I understand the question.  The blue line represents the Behmor's
programmed profile in percentage of heat as described by Behmor in the
manual and verified by measurement.  The dotted red line is the actual
thermocouple temperature readings starting at a drop-in of 200 degrees F and
rising to a max of about 475 F at the peak.  The scale is on the right side
of the graph.

I had previously installed the thermocouple along the top of the chamber and
experienced much wider temperature swings, especially when the fans and
afterburner kicked on.  When I took my probe into work to measure the heat
of a microprocessor for troubleshooting a particular issue, I decided to
relocate it closer to the heating element to get a better idea of the heat
output of the roaster.

You can see earlier profiles of roasts I've done on my Photobucket pages
(including a couple of air-popper roasts I logged).  Some of these will have
had the thermocouple in the other location.



On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 6:12 PM, Robert Yoder <robotyonder at hotmail.com>wrote:

> Hi again, Chris,
> I'm still looking at and admiring your combined image of BehmorThing and
> Environment Temperature.  Can you give us any actual temperatures to
> correspond with the Temperature Line?
> Thanks again,
> Happy Roasting,
> robert

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