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And for what it's worth, on the experimenting side, there is a lot to learn in the realm of temperature loss when doing pourovers that I'm just now starting to wrap my head around.
For best results, keep a low volume in the slurry, with short pours.  I'm doing something that resembles pouring for 2 seconds resting for 8, pouring for 2, resting for 8... etc.  Seems to help keep the temp in the slurry up a little better.
Once we started doing some Fluke readings with a K-type it was amazing to learn that typically the slurry temperature was down in the 180s, sometimes even lower, and that's starting with 210f in the kettle.
However the kettle (found some really nice ones at really decent prices by "Homeloo" or something like that) loses very little heat, more in the neighborhood of 8 degrees over the coarse of the 3 minutes it is holding the liquid (be smart, preheat the thing for a while, fill it as full as you can to keep the water mass up).
Just when you think you've got something understood... gah.


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Could you be a little more specific with the pour-over brew parameters? :)

If you think Bry is kidding or being pretentious with those brew specifics
he's not. He's spent months at our Roastery and Lab Coffeehouse researching
and dialing in techniques for most all pour-over devices. Yes, including
weighing the water. Just as espresso shots can and do vary hugely depending
on technique pour-over technique and the resulting cup CAN vary hugely.
While I don't necessarily think it's necessarily necessary to go to that
extreme, if you want the most consistent best cup it just may be. 

OTOH as more a chef than a cook I admit I don't usually go by water weight
or watch the timer so much doing a pour-over. BUT I do use pretty much the
same method. And I believe once Bry has the coffee and technique dialed in
don't think every brew is actually weighed (coffee always, not the water),
similarly every portafilter build during production isn't weighed. I also
seldom have the time to work behind the bar shifts so what do I know! 

I do have a good internal timer though. On a related note (or unrelated, you
decide:) a funny thing (to me) occurred roasting a batch of Jimmy. Now I'll
preface saying I don't "baby sit" my well dialed in profiles letting my PLC
logic controlled USRC 3k do it's thing with the profiles I've created while
I'm multi-tasking or taking a short break. During yesterday's 98lb 13 batch
roast session while roasting Jimmy I was listening to the roast while
talking to someone. Heard a familiar rhythm as 1st got going in earnest,
turned around while commenting must be about 13:15. As I turned and glanced
down at the control panel bizarrely the roast timer was at exactly 13:15!
Not 13:09 or 13:17 exactly 13:15 as I spoke it, weird. Don't know why but
all my roasts have virtually been on rails the last couple weeks, haven't
aborted and finished manual on a single batch in quite a spell. Think maybe,
finally, after close to three years and many tons roasted on it I'm finally
(almost} becoming one with this puppy...I can control the USRC 3k (almost)
as precisely as I could my split wired dual variable boosted voltage
controlled Caffe' Rostos...always more to learn...which is a great part of
the Joy of the Journey. 

BTW, I truly feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a tryer roasting coffee.
Especially with a coffee like Jimma. The smells of the coffee with the
tryer's beans milimeters from your nose at it's various stages can at times
make me swoon and revel in ecstasy. It can be better in a way than drinking
it... I do live to roast.

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> For pourover it really changes dramatically for me as it's 
> resting.  I like it best on day 8.  I feel like it has the 
> broadest range of flavors at this point (although not the 
> most intense of any of them) and the body is finally starting 
> to become developed at this point.  Before day 5 I feel like 
> you miss out on the oily body this coffee can offer.  After 
> day 11 I feel like the apricot sweetness starts to disappear 
> and you are left more with apricot flavor instead, if that 
> makes any sense.
> For a 12oz I normally do 21 grams of coffee with 365 grams of 
> 204f water (fading down to 192f in the kettle at the end).  I 
> pour 65 grams of water over the grounds for a 25 second bloom 
> then pour the remaining 300 grams of water over the course of 
> 2:45 with the last drips leaving the Beehouse at 3:15-3:30.
> -bry
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> > How long 'til maximum sing, miKe?
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> > Allon how are you brewing it?
> Well, at home I do drip, at work I do espressos. I'll 
> probably drip this.
> -
> allon

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