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For pourover it really changes dramatically for me as it's resting.  I like it best on day 8.  I feel like it has the broadest range of flavors at this point (although not the most intense of any of them) and the body is finally starting to become developed at this point.  Before day 5 I feel like you miss out on the oily body this coffee can offer.  After day 11 I feel like the apricot sweetness starts to disappear and you are left more with apricot flavor instead, if that makes any sense.
For a 12oz I normally do 21 grams of coffee with 365 grams of 204f water (fading down to 192f in the kettle at the end).  I pour 65 grams of water over the grounds for a 25 second bloom then pour the remaining 300 grams of water over the course of 2:45 with the last drips leaving the Beehouse at 3:15-3:30.



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> How long 'til maximum sing, miKe?

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> Allon how are you brewing it?

Well, at home I do drip, at work I do espressos. I'll probably drip this.

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