[Homeroast] Sour smelling & tasting beans...

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Tue Oct 12 20:16:13 CDT 2010

Chiming in to agree with Brian. Freshroast might be running a bit 
hot, or might be a bit overloaded so some coffee is not roasting 
completely on the interior of the bean. If there was an issue with 
the interior being under-roasted you can try to compare surface color 
of the bean with a ground sample of the same roast.  If the ground 
sample is much lighter, it might be the problem. It is not easy to do 
this though - comparing color of 2 different surfaces that have 
different reflectance.


>Based with my experience with air poppers (when I was first roasting,
>several years ago), it sounds like you are roasting too fast. It
>sounds like the outside is roasted, perhaps even burnt (are your
>roasted beans oily?), while the insides are not roasted. A "racing"
>roast, where first crack blends into second, would also tend to
>confirm my suspician. Sour taste, especially thin sour taste, sounds
>like under-roasted centers to me.
>For the heck of it, cut the amount that you are roasting in the
>FreshRoast in half, and see what happens. I suspect your roast will
>take longer, with a more pronounced pause between first and second
>On the other hand, if you are not seeing any of these things,
>disregard this post.
>On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 5:53 PM, Sheila McKinnon <ihs at shaw.ca> wrote:
>>  Hello...  I have been 'lurking in the shadows' for the past while 
>>learning from all of you some of the finer tips on home roasting. 
>> What a terrific group.  Thanks to all of your for your info and 
>>  My question that has prompted me to finally post...   I am 
>>roasting with a FreshRoast SR500  I also have a Behmor.  I have 
>>been roasting for over 1 year and have several hundred roasts 
>>behind me.  Most were ok.  Recently I am finding that the roasts 
>>with the FreshRoast have a sour smell - am I 'over roasting'?  I am 
>>hitting 2nd crack - if I stop too early then the roast seems 
>>under-roasted - with no taste.  It does not seem to matter the bean.
>>  Thanks in advance.  Cheers, Sheila.
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