[Homeroast] Sour smelling & tasting beans...

Sheila McKinnon ihs at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 11 16:53:29 CDT 2010

Hello...  I have been 'lurking in the shadows' for the past while learning from all of you some of the finer tips on home roasting.  What a terrific group.  Thanks to all of your for your info and insight.

My question that has prompted me to finally post...   I am roasting with a FreshRoast SR500  I also have a Behmor.  I have been roasting for over 1 year and have several hundred roasts behind me.  Most were ok.  Recently I am finding that the roasts with the FreshRoast have a sour smell - am I 'over roasting'?  I am hitting 2nd crack - if I stop too early then the roast seems under-roasted - with no taste.  It does not seem to matter the bean.  

Thanks in advance.  Cheers, Sheila.

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