[Homeroast] this morning's experiment

Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Mon Oct 11 07:43:40 CDT 2010

Shot #1 - Single Origin India Sufia Robusta
Shot #2 - Single Origin Aged Sumatra
Shot #3 - Single Origin Ethiopia Jimma Nigusie Lemma
Shot #4 - 15% Robusta, 15% Aged Sumatra, balance Ethiopian

Wow. What a neat experiment. The robusta was ... interesting. Hints of chocolate, but the aftertaste! I can see the description of "burnt rubber", but maybe not so much rubber as burnt wood. The Sumatra was bright with a medicinal aspect to it. The Ethiopian is a smooth, yummy but mild SO shot.

As a blend, having done the experiment, I can see how the pieces all fall into place.

(SO ristretto robusta?! Have I gone mad!?)


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