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Nothing wrong with your profile at all! PID = Sweet! I'd suspect with it's a
bit faster ramp browning stage it would push acidity a wee bit more at the
possible expense of complexity and lighter body, though claim part of that
back with bit longer finish stage. Years ago I found that above 20f/min ramp
browning was too fast for my tastes, generally speaking.

So much more air to loft beans equals faster convection. My experience says
beans dry faster. And in reality my "air roasting" with Caffe' Rosto was
with less air flow than "typical" air roasting by my design. (which I could
do because of donut shaped roast chamber with air pushing not lofting beans)
With your I-Roar faster browning stage may be spot on with it's extreme air
flow likely equaling more convection heat transfer to the beans. While I've
had an I-Roar One for a number of years, I've yet to fire it up! my bad:(

Hell I don't have a clue, I just fake it really well:)


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> On Oct 10, 2010, at 9:13 PM, miKe mcKoffee wrote:
> > Nobody asked, though I think I did post my rough profile in 
> different
> > thread, but to avoid ruining a stellar bean with not so 
> successful roasts
> > might I suggest:
> > 
> > For drum roaster:
> > 300f 6min 
> > 405f 12min Start of true 1st, not earlies
> > 432f 15:15 EOR
> > (bean mass temps)
> > 
> > For air roaster (with the caveat I haven't air roasted this 
> bean, strictly
> > based on 6 years or so experience controlled profile Caffe' 
> Rosto roasting):
> > 300f 5min
> > 405f 11min
> > 432f 14:15
> Just curious, why is there a difference between drum and air, 
> and where do you make your adjustments between the two?
> Looks like you did a shorter drying phase with air, and 
> that's all. Is it that way for most beans?
> On my PID iRoast, I did 300 @ 5 minutes, 410 @9 min, 435 @13min.
> I'll have to adjust to try your profile, and taste the diffs.
> > If you can't control your roaster all bets are off...
> Oh, I can. I can :D
> Lovin' the PID. I've now figured out how to set up 4 separate 
> 8 stage profiles on it.
> -
> allon
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